Invisible Business Solutions are Professional Cloud Integrators, providing App Advisory for Trades, Manufacturing and E-Commerce.

Founded in 2012, with the core goal of providing financial management to Small Business, Invisible Business Solutions were amongst the first to be recognised as a Xero Authorised Cloud Integrator when the channel was launched in August 2015.

For over 20 years our founder Helen Goodman worked in the corporate sector as a Management Accountant and Business Analyst, for companies such as the mobile communications industry leader ‘Vodafone’ and for the healthcare leaders ‘Abbott Laboratories’ until moving to Australia in 2001, where she continued her Business Analyst role at Alere (formerly Panbio).

Being a passionate management accountant at heart and perfectionist by nature, Helen’s warm vibes shine, not only from her enthusiasm and never say never attitude, but also from her genuine work ethic. As a Consultant and Cloud Integrator Helen facilitates businesses to become more efficient, which by saving costs increases the business profitability. By Streamlining processes and reducing duplicate data entry and embracing the cloud, businesses can adopt technology to streamline processes, reduce running costs, understand the true cost of their products, analyse sales performance, manage cash flow, and know which products or activities are most profitable.

Our reputation has continued to grow around Australia, with our expertise and commitment to our clients needs. We are proud to be a valued Implementation Partner with ServiceM8, Flowlens and Unleashed.

Although we hold partnerships with these key brands, we are an Independent advisory that pride ourselves on providing professional advice specific to your business. Key to our service as an App Advisory is providing the information you need to identify the most suitable App to manage your business that will enable you to achieve your goals, concentrate on your core business with confidence that the systems and processes you have in place are best practice.

Our role doesn’t end with software selection, we work with you to obtain the correct data, build processes and provide supporting documentation and training to you and your team. Ensuring not only do you have the right software, you have the knowledge, skill and support to maximise the return on investment in the project, and the benefits for the business. System implementation is not just about the software, its about the people and change management to ensure customer services remains a number one priority.

We have implemented solutions for business who have increased their turnover three fold, and associated profitability on the basis of having a system in place to handle the paperwork, stock & service needs.

Whatever business you are in, talk to Invisible Business Solutions and discover the advantages of the cloud and how we can assist your business adopt new technology.  #notyourordinaryaccountant

Helen Goodman – Owner