Looking for a new direction?

Time for change in your business?  Not sure where to start in selecting new software? We’ve put together a quick guide, over a series of blog posts with the key steps to get you started…

Lets start with the most common reason an implementation will fail to meet expectations of the Business Owners

  1. a lack of buy-in and engagement from the business
  2. a failure to properly define the current business processes that the software will support which results in a poor fit, workarounds, or rejection of the new App altogether.

So its important to ensure that both of these elements are well defined from the start.

Whether you are looking to

  • Improve communication
  • Manage your sales pipeline
  • avoid shortages and delays in products,
  • improve cashflow,
  • monitor job profitability,
  • track sales trends,
  • cut down on duplicated effort,

Selecting, implementing and supporting the right system for your business is essential. So let’s look at the steps we should take.

Step 1 – Define Business Objectives and Vision

Do you have a vision of the future of your business? If you haven’t described what the future looks like, how can your team visualise success? How can they buy in to your vision for the company?

Connecting your vision with your process and your new software system will help you and you team decide whether the system you choose will help you achieve your goals.

How to do this?  Well the actions we’d recommend are:

  • Write down what it feels like to do your job a year from now, in three years, in five years?
  • How will your business be performing then? What will your competitors be doing? What does the market segment look like?
  • Share the vision with your team. Get feedback. Delegate ownership of elements of the vision.
  • Create a clear Vision and Goals that is communicated to the team.


STEP 2 Getting People Aligned

Your team need to understand the overall business targets and how their individual targets and work contributes to achieving them.

Understanding of the overall business process, and how teams work together is critical to the success of your software implementation.

We find that many businesses, currently operating in silos, are missing out on the opportunity to transform their process. Getting team alignment on how the process currently works, and how it can be improved is the next essential step. There is no point in introducing a system that will simply mimic your current process.

Depending on the size of your business, and current restrictions, getting everyone in a room might be a challenge. But it is worth the effort to bring committed and resourceful people from each department into a discussion (in person or online) about how your business process can be improved. You may want to get an external consultant to facilitate this exercise, so you can take part – we have done this for a number of our clients!

What do we do… There are a couple of options, often a big white board or blank wall and lots of sticky notes for every step in your business.  When this is done, your have lots of notes representing every action, look for duplication in the steps and where is information being copied?

Think about what causes errors, typically where do these happen in the process? And also delays – where are the bottlenecks in the process?

And where do things simply fall off the radar? Why does this happen?

Now you’ve got a pretty good idea of how your business serves customers, and which tools and people are accountable at each stage and almost always a number of your team realise that there are duplications in the work they do and saying “I didn’t realise we had so many steps, how can we simplify this?!”.

Want to know more… Check out our next Blog The Path to Success for the next steps towards change for your business and adoption of the best App for your business.