Unleashed launches File Library

This new feature allows you to store and attach documents in Unleashed to customers, suppliers, products and transactions.

File Library – the details

Unleashed NEW File Library is a exciting solution to support businesses’ inventory needs:

  • Attach documents to Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Product Details,
  • Unleashed hosts your file storage – so no need to integrate with another system
  • Your files are stored as securely as your inventory data
  • Unleashed has increased your file storage from 1GB to 10GB – free of charge
  • Upload large files of up to 20 MB for most file types
  • Option to add additional storage when needed: $25 for each additional 10 GB per month

 How will it support and improve Unleashed workflows?

  • Support customer management by attaching Quotes, Service Level Agreements and T&Cs to transactions
  • Track and manage supply chain information using Purchase Order and invoice attachments! Keeping track of the Good received Note and Supplier Invoice against the finalised Purchase Order.
  • Retain and refer to records of current and historical pricing for individual products
  • Strengthen end-to-end traceability by attaching product provenance records, photographs and assembly details!

Available to all Unleashed Clients from 2 March 2022

Not sure how to make the most of this feature, contact us today to book in a process review.